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Jay and Dianna | Thailand Destination Wedding Pt 2

A couple days later than I wanted to post, but I’m back with part 2 of Jay and Dianna’s wedding!

About her wedding day, Dianna said, “I was surprisingly way calmer than I ever imagined myself being on my wedding day. I was just so happy to be surrounded by people I love and have them celebrate Jay and I making our commitment to each other.  That day was beyond perfect. I couldn’t have asked for it to go better than it did.” dianna-and-jay179+dianna-and-jay184+dianna-and-jay191+dianna-and-jay193+dianna-and-jay202+Jay’s thoughts about his wedding day are so sweet! He says, “I was very nervous that day. I remember in the van on the way there I had my eyes covered, so I just focused on Dianna’s voice so I wouldn’t feel nervous. When we got there and I could finally take off the mask I thought how perfect the scenery was, but I still just wanted to see Dianna. Finally, when she came up behind me and I got to turn around, I just thought I was looking at an angel. She looked so gorgeous. I just wanted to hug and kiss her. After I finally saw her I felt more relaxed. I had to hold back my emotions during our vows because I knew when Dianna was looking at me and making her promises that I was the luckiest guy. Like I said in my vows, Dianna makes me feel complete.” dianna-and-jay212+dianna-and-jay217+dianna-and-jay219+dianna-and-jay224+dianna-and-jay233+dianna-and-jay235+dianna-and-jay254+dianna-and-jay257+I have to say, both Jay and Dianna have a great sense of humor so their vows were both a mix of romantic and funny. I think I remember one of them promising to beat the other one in Wii bowling all the time. They are so much fun to be around and I truly can’t wait until they are both here in the States so we can spend more time together. dianna-and-jay262+dianna-and-jay264+dianna-and-jay265+dianna-and-jay268+dianna-and-jay328+

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    Jay Liu - Thank you Jessica. The pictures are fantastic. My family really loves them too.ReplyCancel

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